Here's what our clients are saying

"Thank you for all the thought and time you put into crafting the letter for our campaign. You wrote it so well that I would sign up. It sure is refreshing to work with someone with the 'know how' to get it done right!"

Scott Norris, President
Reserve My Home

"I just wanted to personally thank you all for going the extra mile, and helping to create such a world class product for Dr. Atkins.

"Everyone who has seen it is shocked. I truly think we have set a new standard in the infomercial industry. It is gorgeous. Even more important, I know this will help lower the return rate!

"Well done! I look forward to working with all of you again in the near future."

Ken Wright
Incubation, Infomercial Development

"Just wanted to add my congratulations for the amazing sales results your brochure, direct mail package and TV commercials generated for Wolfe Fitness Systems. When sales rocketed from $50,000 a month to over $200,000 a month in just 60 days -- without increasing air time -- that brought the house down. But to also learn that your direct mail package had a 10% closing rate for an $800 item customers couldn't touch or try out before buying, well that was nothing short of amazing. What's your secret?"

Deryl W. Wright, Partner
Wolfe Fitness Systems

"Testing your direct mail letter for the Crib Safe crib monitor produced an immediate strong desire to see the product. Talk about a gut-gripping headline -- the moment people see it, they just can't put the letter down until they learn all about the product. From beginning to end, readers are held spellbound. Hard to believe for a six page sales letter, but the reactions I see prove it's a winner. I can't wait to roll it out!"

Kevin Dean, President
Imperial Medical

"… the quality of your work… translates into added sales for The Barrett Group. Your professionalism, creativity, and sensitivity to budget constraints have given us a 100% sales track record when presenting a… concept board to our clients.

"The true measurement of a good idea in our business is how it is executed and the business results it generates... in each case we have met or exceeded the program goals. The proof of this is in repetitive business form the same clients.

"… the Norwest Bank mortgage direct mail piece was so successful that a second mailer was executed within three months with equal results…. For BankAmericard, the Brand and Secured Card Blitz Kits were extremely well received… and have been used as a model for a number of other Bank of America brands. Our most recent credit card sales kit for Barnett Bank is probably in the top five creative products The Barrett Group has produced over the last 15 years. We are sure the results will be commensurate. Chevron USA has just informed us that the trade fair designs… are the best creative work they have seen to date for this event."

Sandy Minc
President, The Barrett Group

"The brochure you created has positioned us as serious competition to the larger companies (and) has permitted our operation to increase 33% over the past year.

"The input you offer in all areas improves our knowledge and has allowed us to make well informed decisions.

"It is a pleasure to work with a team I can trust to design any piece. I have to give very little guidance, which is a relief with my busy schedule. You take care of all the work -- management, quality control, design -- and I don’t have to worry.

"The Dive Travel brochure was exceptional, of the highest quality, and it was in the hands of my customers on time! I look forward to the same success with the ski brochure you are working on now."

Lauris Bye, Vice President

"I appreciate the great amount of extra effort you put into making sure that our finished product was something we could all be proud of. The Viewbook is unlike any other college publication I’ve seen, and we have received nothing but praise for it from the USC community. It’s bright, contemporary, sophisticated and fun at the same time, and it definitely invites students to open and read it."

Sue McAllister, Assistant Director for Publications
USC Admission and Financial Aid

"We can credit your staff with many of our successes and achievements. Thanks for the great efforts and I look forward to working with you again."

Ryck Kirby, Art Director
Pharmavite Corp.

"… you have taken our promotions and created pieces which have been very instrumental in increasing our sales. Thanks for your continual efforts and high standards."

Bruce Elowitt, Marketing Services Manager
Western Hoegee

"Just a quick note to express my appreciation for an outstanding effort in the creation of the new Bonded brochure -- we finally have something we’re truly proud of!"

Richard Eisenberg
Bonded Services

"I wanted to drop you a note expressing my thanks and appreciation for the outstanding response and performance….

"The managers at Apple Computer that have seen the draft materials are suitably impressed."

David Barrett, Executive Producer
Razza Video

"I thought you would like to see how the Super Job Search book came out.

"The market reaction has been very positive and the book is on its way to libraries and even selling in Canada.

"… part of that success belongs to you and your team."

Peter Studner
Jamenair Ltd.

"I have intended to write to you for some time about what a great job you did on our brochures and the booth last November, but the outflow of business created from the show for my company has prevented this… you immediately took charge and guided us through a process that helped us create a sales brochure, a mailer complete with illustrations, an advertisement for the meeting’s journal, and a booth that was designed to flow with the entire message.

"I considered the investment to be worthwhile and have recovered the cost from the setup from the first show in sales. I know that we will need refinements from time to time…. You can be assured that we will bring this business to you.

"Enclosed is a photo of the booth; I think you can see that the booth made Seraplex look significantly more substantial than a company that was just one year removed from my garage. I just wanted to let you know that I considered this project to be a job extremely well done!"

Philip Rossi, President
Seraplex Biologics