Adventure-Related Book and Video Reviews by Paul H Smith:

The Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide: Tire Changing

The University of Gravel Roads: Global Lessons from a Four-Year Motorcycle Adventure

Adventure Motorcycle Handbook: Worldwide Motorcycling Route & Planning Guide

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

One More Day Everywhere: Crossing 50 Borders on the Road to Global Understanding

From Tortillas to Totems: Sidetracked by the Unexpected

Building the Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle

Running with the Moon: Riding a Motorbike in Africa

Going Postal

Investment Biker

The Adventurous Motorcyclist's Guide to Alaska

Around the World on a Motorcycle, 1928 to 1936

Motorcycle Adventurer

Greener Grass

Bearback: The World Overland

Through Dust and Darkness

8 Around the Americas on a Motorcycle

Gone Riding

Frankenstein Scooters

Down and Out: In Patagonia, Kamchatka and Timbuktu

Malaysia to UK with Ed March

All the Gear, No Idea

No Room for Watermelons

Love, Laughs & Road Rage

Motorcycle Vagabonds: Around the World

Revolutionary Ride: On the Road in Search of the Real Iran


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