Paul H. Smith

Paul has logged an intense 25+ years in the marketing/advertising/publishing industries; working all facets of the biz, from copywriter to agency owner, in the USA, Canada and the U.K. He was also the founder of the legendary Los Angeles-based marketing communications agency, DynaMedia, Inc., and the trend-leader in boutique electric guitars, DeTemple Guitars.

Maximizing the effectiveness of any marketing activity begins with selecting a lead strategist. It's he that, depending upon the proposed plan's scope and budget, creates the strategy to achieve your desired objectives.

Implementation of the marketing plan, or campaign, is often military-like in execution. But, if not performed correctly, resources are wasted, goals are not achieved... and market share is lost. Paul believes that the most effective plan involves establishing brand leadership for a given market. With a plethora of products and services vying for the loyalty of businesses and consumers, the value remains firmly in the brand. But, there's another key component that's often missed. The strategy must include more than image-building -- it must also create an ever-increasing want, need, or demand for your product or service that your brand represents. It is the combination of image and perceived need that complete the synergistic process of creating an industry-leading top-of-mind brand. And these days this is being accomplished mostly through social media and educationally-based, highly-informative content.

Paul brings a lifetime of experience, a friendly, down-to-earth approach, and a healthy dose of creative/original thinking into the mix. His successes and broad, in-the-trenches experiences have given him a unique, no-nonsense perspective on the approach to creating unforgettable and unique brands. He prefers to work with small- to medium-sized businesses who are not only seeking growth or dominance in specialized markets, but understand why it is vital to create and hold onto brand leadership. Therefore, long term, methodically run campaigns are typically far more effective and beneficial than spot projects. Paul works directly with management to create, organize, optimize and administer all systems, personnel and marketing materials/media within a given budget. Basically, it's whatever it takes to make your brand famous, locally, nationally or internationally.

Paul is an Advisor to the Ted Simon Foundation (


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