Ness Ifergan

Ness brings with him a proven record of success in business development, sales team formation and management, corporate management and administration, plus the highest level of expertise in localization / globalization of corporate branding and sales materials.

Over the past 30 years, he served in executive sales and management positions in the world’s leading language services companies such as Berlitz, Berlitz GlobalNET and Bowne Global Solutions. Ness was also Worldwide Product Manager for BerlitzIT, their online translation portal. This unique combination of skills and experience now makes Ness a sought after consultant in localization and globalization strategy and implementation, and in building effective sales teams.

When you wish to develop a stellar sales team, revitalize an existing sales team, require new and more effective management or administrative strategies, or need your company’s branding and promotional materials localized to sell into other cultures so you can expand into foreign markets, you’ll find Ness’ knowledge and strategic expertise to be invaluable.

Please note: “Localization” and “Globalization” encompass far more than language translation. They also include a variety of cultural nuances. Please ask for full details if you are considering expansion into foreign markets.