Michael Cooney

Specializing in innovative business growth strategies, Michael integrates proven marketing and business development techniques to grow a company's revenues and net profits. These include highly effective direct response advertising materials stemming from an innate ability to “speak from the heart” to the target audience.

When applied to your business, this rare combination of abilities work together to develop a sense of trust between you and your prospective customers. Trust, in turn, is the single most important consideration in making any significant purchase. Without trust, claims such as “lower prices” or “better quality” don’t carry much weight.

The goal for you as client is always to generate the greatest possible return on your marketing investment with the lowest possible risk.

Michael’s wide-ranging experience also includes substantial start-up work, including site selection, staff recruitment, and the planning and implementation of sales and marketing functions.

Author of more than 50 published articles on marketing and advertising, Michael has specialized in this field since 1975. He has consulted on numerous large scale projects in Japan, China and Russia, and has also worked in 18 other countries. Michael earned an MA degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs (Occidental College, Los Angeles), is trained in diplomatic protocol, and has consulted on education and infrastructure projects with members of parliament and diplomats in various countries.