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Company Background

Paracel was founded in 1992, when it obtained a worldwide exclusive license to an advanced information filtering technology developed by TRW for government applications. This technology, the Fast Data Finder® (FDF®), uses thousands of processors working in parallel to perform complex pattern-matching functions. Hundreds of FDF systems have been deployed for large-scale government and commercial text filtering applications.

Working closely with Caltech and Applied Biosystems Inc. (now merged with Perkin-Elmer Corportation), Paracel programmed the FDF for genomic data analysis. Applied Biosystems deployed FDF units worldwide for genomics applications under its Inherit and GeneAssist labels.

In 1998, Paracel launched a new generation of genomic and text filtering systems, GeneMatcher (FDF 4G) and TextFinder (FDF 4T). These machines combine supercomputer performance with open-system, network server architecture.

Paracel is a privately-held, California "C" corporation. Major shareholders include Perkin-Elmer, TRW, Speer Communications, and founders and employees of the company.

Paracel is headquartered in Pasadena, Calif (next to the Caltech campus), with field offices around the world.

Paracel History

1992 Paracel formed to commercialize advanced information filtering technology developed by TRW.

1993 Applied Biosystems begin shipping Paracel's Fast Data Finder 3 system as a genomic data analysis accelerator under its Inherit lable. 100th FDF 3 system shipped.

1995 Speer Comminications Inc. invests in Paracel. Paracel acquires Carthage International, an online business information service, forming Paracel Online Systems Inc.

1996 Perkin-Elmer Inc. invests in Paracel.

1997 Paracel sells Paracel Online Systems subsidiary to WavePhore Inc. to focus on datda analysis products.

1998 Paracel introduces new generation of data analysis machines -- GeneMatcher for genomics data analysis and TextFinder for text analysis.