Michael is a life-long automobile enthusiast. As a sideline that brings him loads of fun, he writes and photographs new car reviews for two regional magazines. His love of cars began when he was nine and his dad bought a model car kit -- a 1932 Ford. Michael watched his dad build the model, and got hooked. Soon he was building his own, and a year later at age 10 he won a first-place trophy in a model car contest sponsored by a hobby shop on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California. That was 1962. Ever since, he has enjoyed all things automotive -- especially driving, reviewing, and owning high performance sports cars. Having driven over 50 high performance cars at Willow Springs International Raceway and continuing to review many fun-to-drive new cars has been a real thrill.

Car Reviews from 2011 thru 2012

Michael's monthly automobile column is called Mike Cooney's Winding Road.
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